Did you know that flying using a private jet charter saves you a lot of time compared to a commercial airline. This means you’ll spend less time on the ground, less time in the air, and you’ll fly on your schedule.

At Elite Private Services, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled luxury services to our valued clients. With competitive prices and access to various aircrafts such as jets and helicopters, we can provide the best services for private travel.

With our partnership with SHY Aviation, we can offer competitive prices so that our clients have complete complete confidence that they are getting the best possible price.

Who Is SHY Aviation

SHY Aviation provides unrivalled round-the-clock service, paying close attention to every detail of your flight, no matter how minor. They can tailor itineraries to your specific needs and provide support that isn’t constrained by any time zone.

They aim to take care of the details for you, whether it’s a business trip or a family vacation. SHY Aviation has a fleet of private aircraft waiting to take you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. They take pride in being able to provide the greatest level of support faster than any other broker on the market.

One of the reasons we enjoy being their brand ambassador is because we share their philosophy of keeping things simple. Simply tell us when and where you want to go, as well as the number of passengers, in one SMS, email, or phone call, and we’ll get started on your reservation by working with them to find the best available options; all you have to do now is pick the aircraft.

What Is Their Mission?

Just like them, we recognise, that in a world where time is money, being faster than the competition has a value, without compromising on the quality of service that runs through the business.

We collaborate with their multinational team of experts, who are dedicated to learning about our consumers’ travel habits. It means we can provide a bespoke private jet charter service that fits like a second glove. We recognise that even when money isn’t an issue, time and knowledge are still valuable commodities.

Helicopter & Jet Charter

Employing a helicopter or jet charter is frequently motivated by the luxury of choice. Our ambassadorial partnership with SHY Aviation, which was chosen for its commitment to safety and service, allows us to access a wide range of aircraft on the market. They can assist us in locating the ideal jet or executive helicopter for your demands and budget.

To achieve this, we give you with the model, age, manufacturer, configuration, and capacity of the available aircraft, as well as exterior and interior images.

Commercial Charter

SHY Aviation can transport any number of passengers to any location. With their help, we can locate the best jet charter option for whatever number of people, providing you with the finest level of service and value for money.

Another reason we chose them as a partner is that they have access to a variety of worldwide commercial carriers, allowing you to choose from a wide range of aircraft. SHY Aviation can also provide the most cost-effective private travel alternatives for any trip or party size.

They have flown international sports teams, scientists, political delegations, and pop celebrity entourages all around the world, and their reputation is unrivalled.

Private Jet

When it comes to aircraft charter, we have a plethora of experience. We are skilled at transforming your unique schedule and requirements into a personalised private jet charter experience. We can accommodate any request, from short journeys to trans-continental flights, because we have access to every available aircraft. Anywhere, at any time.

Because of the flexibility of private jet charter, you can travel to far-flung and exclusive locations that commercial airlines cannot reach.