Shop How You Want, When You Want And Where You Want With Our Personal Shopper Service

If you are a luxury fashion enthusiast looking for a comprehensive shopping experience and support with your purchasing choices, our personal shoppers and stylists at Elite Private Services are available to you on-demand to fulfil your luxury shopping needs.

For our members and clients who want a wonderful combination of luxurious experiences and superior services, Elite Private Services offers custom membership plans which include booking tickets to VIP concerts and events, securing reservations for fine dining at upscale eateries, and access to luxurious travel experiences. Not to mention getting your hands on any luxury brand’s newly released collection.

Luxury, in the opinion of Elite Private Services, is all about the experience and the personal touch. Luxury fashion houses and even high-end fashion firms have realised how important it is to market experiences rather than products in recent years.

Luxury brands are doing everything possible to give their customers a personalised experience as the competition in the luxury market segment intensifies every day. This includes hiring personal shoppers to come into the boutique/ store, hosting private viewings followed by dinner parties, and even letting customers shop from the comfort of their own homes.

Not all luxury companies have a presence in the UK. The wealthy and powerful individuals, however, are familiar with the luxury brands that are sold all over the world and are also their customers. It is not always logistically possible for them to fly all the way to another country merely to shop if they want to obtain items from these businesses.

With the assistance of our personal shoppers locally and internationally, Elite Private Services, award winning, Luxury Concierge steps in, sourcing, then delivering the items to our members’ or clients’ homes. If one of our members wants to engage a personal shopper full-time, we will assign one to handle all of your gift-buying and shopping requirements.

Our Luxury Concierge Service in London could also assist with hosting special events at your favourite boutique/store, keeping the boutique/ store open after business hours for a truly personalised shopping experience.

Our team believe that having a personal shopper not only saves you time searching for and buying the item, but also enables you to keep up with the latest fashion trends and limited edition product releases.

Personal shoppers dress you up for any occasion in addition to assisting you with your shopping requests. Brands now work with personal shoppers because they can transform an item into an outfit. For instance, the client can request that the personal shopper get her a specific skirt. In addition to doing that, the personal shopper might suggest to the client a shirt from the boutique/ store that will go nicely with it to finish the ensemble, whilst suggesting appropriate accessories, keeping in mind the client’s preferences and physical attributes. As a result, the client can purchase the full outfit rather than just one item, which is a win for everyone.

In addition to personal shopping, Elite Private Services has partnered with luxury brands to offer in-home shopping experiences. If a member wants to purchase a specific item from the brand, the sales representative from the store will visit the member’s home with the item and present a few options. The member can now shop from the convenience of their home thanks to this.

In order to provide our members with in-room shopping during their travels, Elite Private Services has partnered with companies throughout the UK and internationally. Please enquire more details.

Elite Private Services members also have access to VIP lounges in fashion houses and bespoke manufacturers if they want to personalise or purchase a custom-made item.

“When our client is on a shopping spree while travelling, we make sure to cater for their entire experience, from having a chauffeur driven car, a butler to help carry their bags, to providing a nanny for their child in the meantime. A truly holistic service offering, always with the highest attention to detail and that added personal touch our clients love.”

– Daryl D, Founder & CEO

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