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A popular choice of air travel for executives, entrepreneurs, and families worldwide, there is arguably no better time to travel in the luxurious comfort of a private jet than now.

Flying above the skies and your expectations.

Private Jet Charter Services Image
Private Jet Charter Services Image

A popular choice of air travel for executives, entrepreneurs, and families worldwide, there is arguably no better time to travel in the luxurious comfort of a private jet than now.

Flying above the skies and your expectations.

It’s only right that you should be able to enjoy the finer things in life while you’re at the top of your game. Private aircraft provide the ultimate five-star travel, as well as a smooth, stress-free and pleasant journey. It’s considered the most efficient way to fly your company’s senior business personnel.

Our mantra is to provide unparalleled service to each customer, exceeding expectations with our speed, accuracy and efficiency wherever you are whenever you need. Tailor-made and stress-free. We can make quick arrangements and are always among the first to hear about empty leg flight availability and the best rates in private aviation thanks to our strong ties with SHY Aviation.

So, whether you need to attend an urgent international business meeting or want to surprise someone special with a romantic weekend on the spur of the moment, we’ll be pleased to help you charter a private jet or helicopter.

Why not combine our private jet charter service or helicopter charter service with our chauffeur service for a seamless transition? Of course, our duty doesn’t finish when you arrive at your destination; A local concierge will be waiting to make sure your trip is all you imagined and more.

Where to book a private jet charter?2021-12-05T21:12:38+00:00

When you contact Elite Private Services Ltd, we’ll ask you to tell us about your trip: Where you’re going? When are you going? Who are you going with? etc.

Once we’ve established your primary needs, we’ll help you choose your preferred jet, using our expert knowledge to recommend the best aircraft for your journey. To do so, we’ll take into account your route, destination airport(s), length of trip, luggage, and your budget.

Can you fly by private jet with a pet?2021-12-05T21:07:52+00:00

One of the biggest worries for pet owners is the stress that their furry family members can suffer during travel. So, it comes as a welcome relief that private charters can be tailored to accommodate your pet and allow for them to join you in the cabin.

Many UK airports are now allowing pets on planes; extending their VIP terminal facilities to accommodate passengers who wish to bring their pet with them. Once on board, they can get comfortable next to you and They can get comfortable and eve look forward to being pampered with their favourite food and snacks, preferred bedding and litter tray.

Can private jets land anywhere?2021-12-05T21:05:56+00:00

Although there are restrictions, there is often a way to get clients as close to their destination as physically possible. With landowner permission, some private aircrafts can land on remote and unpaved runways.

As a general rule, a lot of our clients prefer to chose smaller, private airports above the large commercial ones. These airfields tend to be closer to their departure point and/or final destination, reducing their travel time.

Why fly private jet?2021-12-05T21:02:05+00:00

There are many reasons why people chose to fly private rather than book a seat on a commercial flight. One of the main benefits of flying by private jet (or helicopter) is the general convenience it brings, but more specific examples include:

Time Saving – Travellers can forget the hassles of showing up 2 hours before a flight to stand in check in queues, security checks and boarding lines. Private jet travel means that you can simply arrive 15 minutes or so before your flight’s departure time, and you’ll gain access to a private lounge where you can wait for boarding. This valuable time saved on waiting allows for extra time at your destination, or to prepare for your travels.

Comfort – Whilst commercially scheduled flights must accommodate the needs of the general public, a private jet charter offers privacy, personal space, a one-to-one service, luxury furnishings, and the opportunity to tailor meals to your dietary needs.

Business – It’s becoming increasingly popular for companies to offer private jet travel to their teams. When every minute away from your desk costs money, business charter can pay for itself. With a business charter, employees can work and prepare whilst they are in the air – on board facilities include WI-FI, telephone and boardroom facilities.

What types of aircrafts are available? How many people do they hold?2021-10-10T22:53:04+01:00

Whether you’re flying in a small, medium, or large group, SHY Aviation offers a wide variety of aircrafts suited for groups of all sizes.

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