There are many reasons why people chose to fly private rather than book a seat on a commercial flight. One of the main benefits of flying by private jet (or helicopter) is the general convenience it brings, but more specific examples include:

Time Saving – Travellers can forget the hassles of showing up 2 hours before a flight to stand in check in queues, security checks and boarding lines. Private jet travel means that you can simply arrive 15 minutes or so before your flight’s departure time, and you’ll gain access to a private lounge where you can wait for boarding. This valuable time saved on waiting allows for extra time at your destination, or to prepare for your travels.

Comfort – Whilst commercially scheduled flights must accommodate the needs of the general public, a private jet charter offers privacy, personal space, a one-to-one service, luxury furnishings, and the opportunity to tailor meals to your dietary needs.

Business – It’s becoming increasingly popular for companies to offer private jet travel to their teams. When every minute away from your desk costs money, business charter can pay for itself. With a business charter, employees can work and prepare whilst they are in the air – on board facilities include WI-FI, telephone and boardroom facilities.